Usually, I am a very reluctant when it comes to accepting the idea of diverse lobbies promoting their own agendas in an almost reptilian/conspiration theory manner; many friends have given me to read articles of books where this kind of ideas are recurrent and seem to me to be there  merely to plant paranoid ideas in intellectually inferior beings (joking). But based in the quick evolution  on the legislation affairs on different countries in matters that today are labeled as “conservatives” I have to recognize that for the first time in my life I felt a cold sensation going trough my spine, while I was having my morning coffee and reading the news how an ordained minister was banned from his pastoral work in a Kentucky (I’m speaking about the state, not the delicious fried chicken fast food chain) prison if he didn’t stop preaching the bible teachings on homosexuality, like really? so the eternal sermon preached by different religions about adjusting your life to Gods plan has now  to be changed also towards an “adapt God to your life”, I don’t need to be neither an atheist or a theist to understand that this is not how this works, this is not how anything works.


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