The most beautiful heart / El corazón más hermoso


One day, in a heavily crowded place, a young man was shouting at the crowd.

“People look at me; I have the most beautiful heart in the world.”

Many people looked at him and were stunned to see the beautiful heart in a perfect shape, no little flaw, which looked quite amazing. Most of the people who saw his heart was mesmerized by the beauty of his heart and praised him.

However, there came an old man and challenged the young man, “No my son, I have got the most beautiful heart in the world!”

The young man asked, “Show me your heart, then!”

The old man showed his heart to him. It was very rough, uneven, and had scars all over the heart. Also, the heart was not in shape, appeared like bits and pieces joined together in various colours. There were some rough edges, some part of the heart were removed and filled with other pieces.

The heart of the old man simply looked like various pieces of heart joined together and formed as a heart.

The young man started laughing at his heart, “My dear old man, are you mad? See, my heart! How beautiful and flawless it is. You cannot find even a bit of imperfection in my heart. See, yours. It is full of scars, wounds and blemishes. How can you say your heart is beautiful?”

“Dear boy, my heart is just so beautiful as your heart is. Did you see the scars? Each scar represents the love I shared with a person. I share a piece of heart with others when I share love and in return I get a piece of heart, which I fix at the place where I had torn a piece!” said the old man.

The young man was shocked.

And the old man continued. “Since the pieces of heart I shared were neither equal nor in the same shape or size, my heart is full of uneven edges and bits and pieces.”

“My heart is not in shape because sometimes I never get the love in return from those I gave it. So where do you see the real beauty? Your heart which looks fresh and fuller with no scars which indicates you never shared love with anybody. Did you?”

The young man stood still and never spoke a word. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He walked to the old man, tore a piece of his heart and gave the piece to the old man.


Un día un hombre joven se situó en el centro de un poblado y proclamó que él poseía el corazón mas hermoso de toda la comarca.

Una gran multitud se congregó a su alrededor y todos admiraron y confirmaron que su corazón era perfecto, pues no se observaban en el ni máculas ni rasguños.

Coincidieron todos que era el corazón más hermoso que hubieran visto. Al verse admirado el joven se sintió más orgulloso aun, y con mayor fervor aseguro poseer el corazón mas hermoso de todo el vasto lugar.

De pronto un anciano se acerco y dijo: “¿Por qué dices eso, si tu corazón no es tan hermoso como el mío?” Sorprendidos, la multitud y el joven miraron el corazón del viejo y vieron que, si bien latía vigorosamente, este estaba cubierto de cicatrices y hasta había zonas donde faltaban trozos y estos habían sido reemplazados por otros que no correspondían, pues se veían bordes y aristas irregulares en su derredor.

Es mas, había lugares con huecos, donde faltaban trozos profundos. La mirada de la gente se sobrecogió, ¿Cómo puede el decir que su corazón es mas hermoso?, pensaron…

El joven contempló el corazón del anciano y al ver su estado desgarbado, se echó a reír.

– “Debes estar bromeando”, dijo. “Comparar tu corazón con el mío… El mío es perfecto. En cambio el tuyo es un conjunto de cicatrices y dolor.”

– “Es cierto”, dijo el anciano, “tu corazón luce perfecto, pero yo jamás me involucraría contigo… Mira, cada cicatriz representa una persona a la cual entregué todo mi amor. Arranqué trozos de mí corazón para entregárselos a cada uno de aquellos que he amado. Muchos a su vez, me han obsequiado un trozo del suyo, que he colocado en el lugar que quedó abierto. Como las piezas no eran iguales, quedaron los bordes por los cuales me alegro, porque al poseerlos me recuerdan el amor que hemos compartido.”

“Hubo oportunidades, en las cuales entregué un trozo de mi corazón a alguien, pero esa persona no me ofreció un poco del suyo a cambio. De ahí quedaron los huecos – dar amor es arriesgar, pero a pesar del dolor que esas heridas me producen al haber quedado abiertas, me recuerdan que los sigo amando y alimentan la esperanza, que algún día tal vez regresen y llenen el vacío que han dejado en mi corazón.”

– “¿Comprendes ahora lo que es verdaderamente hermoso?”.

El joven permaneció en silencio, lagrimas corrían por sus mejillas. Se acercó al anciano, arrancó un trozo de su hermoso y joven corazón y se lo ofreció. El anciano lo recibió y lo colocó en su corazón, luego a su vez arrancó un trozo del suyo ya viejo y maltrecho y con el tapó la herida abierta del joven. La pieza se amoldo, pero no a la perfección. Al no haber sido idénticos los trozos, se notaban los bordes.

El joven miró su corazón que ya no era perfecto, pero lucía mucho mas hermoso que antes, porque el amor del anciano fluía en su interior.

Understanding knowledge as a relation we establish with objects (in the most respectful sense Kant could attribute towards subjects), makes the study of the gnoseologic field, the same study of human relations. The way I know  how I know, what I know from the other (that is not myself), will heavily influence the approach I will have towards him.

What the different Catholic movements around the world have expressed in the last months has be considered some kind of paranoia by different authorities in the psychological sciences, and the only way Catholics have to prove that they are not paranoids is to prove that the persecutory object is not the product of imagination, but that it’s real…

Leopardi says that our desires work in two different ways, first there’s the infinite desire which will never be satisfied due the material limitations of everything that exists, and a second way is the desire for the infinite which is impossible to fulfill due the limited nature of our existence. So according to him whoever put those desires in our heart must be an evil being which enjoys seeing us frustrated and longing infinitely for the infinite, I say to Leopardi, look the other way bro.

Usually, I am a very reluctant when it comes to accepting the idea of diverse lobbies promoting their own agendas in an almost reptilian/conspiration theory manner; many friends have given me to read articles of books where this kind of ideas are recurrent and seem to me to be there  merely to plant paranoid ideas in intellectually inferior beings (joking). But based in the quick evolution  on the legislation affairs on different countries in matters that today are labeled as “conservatives” I have to recognize that for the first time in my life I felt a cold sensation going trough my spine, while I was having my morning coffee and reading the news how an ordained minister was banned from his pastoral work in a Kentucky (I’m speaking about the state, not the delicious fried chicken fast food chain) prison if he didn’t stop preaching the bible teachings on homosexuality, like really? so the eternal sermon preached by different religions about adjusting your life to Gods plan has now  to be changed also towards an “adapt God to your life”, I don’t need to be neither an atheist or a theist to understand that this is not how this works, this is not how anything works.

St. Agustine comments on the scripture that:

“The New is in the Old contained,
the Old is in the New retained;

The New is in the Old concealed,
the Old is in the New revealed;

The News is in the Old enfolded,
the Old is in the New unfolded.”